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Süheyla Çetin, Evren Özarslan and Gözde Ünal. Asymmetric Orientation Distribution Functions (AODFs) revealing intravoxel geometry in diffusion MRI 2018. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 49: 145-158 Full Text Details.
C. Tuna, Gözde Ünal and E. Sertel. Single-frame super resolution of remote-sensing images by convolutional neural networks 2018. International Journal of Remote Sensing 49: 145-158 Full Text Details.
Timur Aksoy, Z. Spiclin, F. Pernus and Gözde Ünal. Monoplane 3D-2D Registration of Cerebral Angiograms based on Multi-Objective Stratified Optimization 2017. Physics in Medicine and Biology 62(24): 9377-9394 Full Text Details.